Our Product

Our commercial viable solution helps our users through the hurdles of solar project assessment


WAE 1st

360° assessment of early stage project feasibility based on geographic parameters, system design, technology adaptation and financial viability. The analysis will identify promising projects including all parameters needed for in early stage decision making.



  •      Dramatic time savings in feasibility level project qualification
  •      Dramatic cost savings in feasibility level project qualification


Get instant access to the most advanced data analytics energy tools, enabling you to locate and analyze with great accuracy your leads. Key features include:
  • Search project by local electricity price
  • Search project based on population density
  • Improve accuracy based on geo-ground levels
  • Net impact/NGO analysis report
  • Search projects by grid lines and capacity
  • Search project by land ownership
  • Access to our land ownership database
  • Quoting service providers


  • All information available in 1 click
  • Dramatic cost savings in feasibility level project qualification


Ad-hoc solutions assisting the energy stakeholder in sourcing, origination, managing, sales engineering, monitoring, financing and management of energy infrastructure projects and plans. The service is design for nontraditional energy stakeholders looking to reduce the resources spent on running and managing processes.



  • Breakthrough solution in energy management
  • Innovative data analysis platform for private and public sector
  • Assisting stakeholders in aggregation processes lowering cost of capital