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Solar Will Be the Dominant Global Electricity Source By 2030

Waepoint’s intelligent algorithm gathers, analyzes and bridges between geographic content, local infrastructure and financial data to form a comprehensive solar project assessment. We simplify the initial process for all  stakeholders of the energy eco-system, while allowing the many new players to join the energy revolution in detecting and validating new projects  read more

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360° assessment of early stage project feasibility based on geographic parameters, system design, technology adaptation and financial viability.

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Get instant access to the most advance data analytics energy tools enabling you to locate and analyze with great accuracy your leads.

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Ad-hoc solutions assisting the energy stakeholder in sourcing, origination, managing, sales engineering, monitoring, financing and management of energy infrastructure projects.

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Search, Detect, Automate

Our integrated platform takes energy development to the next stage
offering combined data over the early stage realization period.

Reaching project transparency from a single source.


An energy interactive globe offers easier detection of preferable locations of interest


Access to local infrastructure data allows their impact to take part in the assessment.


Regional economics and regulatory constrains incorporation providing a clear financial output.